Cybersecurity Expectation vs Reality


  • That all cyber threats can be completely eliminated
  • That all cyberattacks can be prevented
  • That all sensitive data can be 100% protected
  • That all employees will always follow security protocols
  • That cyber insurance will cover all the losses



Cybersecurity is a constant battle, and complete elimination of all threats is unlikely

Despite the implementation of preventive measures, some cyberattacks will still be successful

Data breaches can happen despite the best security measures being in place

Human error remains a significant factor in many data breaches, employees may not always follow security protocols

Cyber insurance may not cover all types of losses and may have limitations on the amount of coverage provided

In summary, Cybersecurity is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring, updating, and improvement. It is essential to have realistic expectations and to understand that complete protection is not possible, but the implementation of various security measures can greatly reduce the risk of a successful attack.


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