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Infrastructure security can refer to both physical assets like real estate and technological assets like computers, networking systems, and cloud resources, including both hardware and software. Infrastructure security include defence against calamities like natural disasters and other calamities in addition to protection from conventional cyberattacks. It also addresses the subject of resilience, which takes into account how an organisation bounces back following an attack or other interruption. The ultimate objective is to strengthen security measures and reduce the amount of downtime and related costs that firms incur for customer attrition, brand and reputation loss, and compliance.

Network security is the process of protecting a computer network from damage or intrusion. It includes the prevention of unauthorized access, malicious damage, and theft of data.

Network security can be achieved by using different types of software, hardware, and devices. Firewalls are one such device that is often used to control traffic between networks. They are typically placed at the edge of a network to monitor and block unauthorized access from or to other networks or systems.
We at relyon give you the peace of mind that you’re protected against evolving cyber threats. We believe no matter how secure you are, it’s never enough. So we work hard to keep your information secure and safe in any situation. Focusing on network health, we make sure your network is always up and running at top speeds. We are equipped with a 24/7 customer support team that can resolve any problem, at any time.

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection is a term used in the cybersecurity industry to describe protection against sophisticated and advanced cyber attacks. These are typically designed to bypass traditional defenses and exploit vulnerabilities in the system.

ATP can be achieved by implementing a variety of different security solutions that work together and can provide layered protection against cyber threats.
A Cyberattack can cost your company more than just money. It can damage your reputation, too.
With relyon, you can protect your business from Cyber Threats by using our advanced threat protection solutions that blocks attacks and prevents damage before it occurs. We work with you to understand the specific threats that you face so that we can provide the best protection against them.


Managed endpoint detection and response (MEDR) is a service that allows organizations to detect and respond to cyberattacks in a timely manner. The MEDR service can also be integrated with other security solutions, such as SIEM, network access control, and anti-virus.

The MDR is usually implemented on-premises or in the cloud. The managed endpoint detection and response service can be offered as an on-demand or subscription-based service.
The managed endpoint detection and response services are designed to provide protection against malware, spam, phishing emails, data breaches, and other cyber threats.

Backup and Archiving

Data is the new gold. It can be used in various ways to extract valuable insight and data backup is one of the most important steps in protecting this data. Data backup is a process that ensures that all your important data files and records are secure in case they are lost or deleted.
In the course of doing business, companies will collect a lot of data which needs to be backed up. The data backup feature could not only prevent system failure, but also secure valuable customer data. We help organizations establish controls and processes around their most sensitive assets, balancing the necessity to scale back risk, while also helping to enable productivity and business growth. We leverage our methodology to assist organizations control which employees, organizations, partners, and suppliers access sensitive corporate resources, and streamline the method of managing digital identities.