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Whether your firm is just getting started or you’re trying to increase the value of your present cloud investments, relyon works with you to shift your digital enterprise into a cutting-edge solution. The cloud transformation services provided by Relyon help your company cut operating expenses and effectively manage workloads. Our aim is to maintain the security, compliance, and, most importantly, optimization of your digital organization.

Network Transformation

This is the point at which we abandon the antiquated concept of keeping corporate networks, business applications, and company data in physical places. Users will be able to access the necessary data and business services thanks to cloud transformation without connecting to any local hubs. By utilising network transformation, anyone with a reliable internet connection can access cloud resources for the lowest possible cost.

Security Transformation

The establishment of zero-trust networking marks a departure from previous network security paradigms. A dynamic security check is implemented together with an adaptive threat mitigation system that identifies the user and grants or denies access to the resource. This prevents threats while allowing authorised users access, ensuring seamless traffic.

Cloud Consulting

Our cloud consulting service gives assistance at every stage of your cloud journey, from exploratory studies through cloud strategy to technology decisions. enabling you to reach your business goals with compliance and security, encourage sound business practises, and make educated decisions.

Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud can significantly enhance your company. However, the challenges of transferring large workloads from several pipelines in a complicated IT system can be overwhelming. The entire migration process is streamlined by Relyon’s tried-and-true organised strategy, which uses proven tools and technologies to ensure little downtime, no disturbance, and maximum savings. It is a crucial step in order to exploit growth and achieve digital transformation.
Relyon ensures all the appropriate security compliances and guidelines are adhered to in accordance with leading benchmarks and standards as we manage your cloud ecosystem to ensure effective resource utilization leading to increased productivity and efficiency.