Good Cybersecurity measures Increase revenue and sales by atleast 7%

Good Cybersecurity measures Increase revenue and sales by atleast 7%

As the competition and demand is increasing, consequent events such as hacking, data breaches and IoT hijacking are inevitable. To make sure your customers are safe from a potential mischievous consequence in cyberspace, cybersecurity has become critical.

Firstly, a data breach, for example, can devastate all the efforts and go hand-in-hand with a significant decrease in company revenues and sales because customers will be afraid of being hacked. It is therefore important to identify cybersecurity risks that may lead your customer turning their back on you. Risk can happen by way of lost or sensitive customer information such as credit card details and email profiles. 

Secondly, Hackers could also steal company funds or share information with competitors. Increasing numbers of companies are failing entirely because they are unable to meet the security demands of their customers. 

While many features can lead to an increase in sales, the most important pillar of future success will be consumer attitudes. If consumers start losing trust, it can also have major impacts on company revenues and profits.

Companies that have invested in cybersecurity measures have significantly found spikes in revenues and sales. Such companies typically see an increase as high as 7%